Top aftermarket products to buy for your sports car

Your sports car definitely commands attention on the road, but you’ve noticed that it looks the same as most other sports cars you’ve driven past. No doubt you’re looking at different ways to change the look, without losing the appeal of your car completely, but with so many options, how can you make sure you pick the ideal products? The exact product you purchase will depend completely on the make, model, and year that your car was released, but this list can give you the basics on the top aftermarket products available for your car. Continue reading


Best tint for your vehicle

If you’ve been thinking about tinting your windows, you’re probably unsure of which one to go with, and don’t want to spend too much money on a product that you won’t like and are stuck with for a long time. When shopping around for tint, you’ve probably come across a bit of jargon, and heavy marketing on why one brand is better than the rest, so let’s break some of this down before we go into the best tint for your vehicle. I hit up my friend who owns a limo service in San Antonio and also a custom window tint business to give me some additional insights.  Continue reading

How to choose a custom paint for your car

Your car is your pride and joy, but lately you’ve noticed the paint needs to be updated, or you’ve seen some cars driving down the road that have eye-catching paint jobs. Getting a new paint job for your car can refresh it’s look, or give it a brand new, unique look, but most of all it doesn’t have to be difficult. The easiest thing to do is choose your favorite color, and figure that’s enough decision making when it comes to painting your car, but you a bit more planning has to go into the process so you end up with a color you’ll love for the life of your car. Continue reading


Best custom audio for your car

We’ve all been in traffic and heard the car with the bad sound system, the vibrations it sends out and loud, incoherent sounds coming from the vehicle make you wonder if upgrading your own cars audio system is even worth it. Most likely that car wasn’t sure what their car needed, they just decided louder must be better. This is, unfortunately, fairly common when it comes to custom audio, but fear not, with the information below you’ll gain a better understanding of how to create a custom audio set up for your vehicle that sounds great without making rush hour even more unpleasant. Continue reading


Reasons to Purchase a Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is an American icon, and most people dream of owning one someday. Back in 1963, when it was a concept car, Ford was only testing people’s reaction to their new automobile, and had no idea that two years later it would become their most successful launch since the Model A back in 1927. Mustangs usually command attention wherever they go, so you’ve undoubtedly seen one and thought about how you would look in the drivers seat. Since looks aren’t everything, let’s go over a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a Ford Mustang. Continue reading